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General Information

segatech.zip 120 Page Genesis Technical info with diagrams in MS Word format
segaprog.zip Sega Programming FAQ
sgcc.zip NEW - Sega Genesis C Compiler - NEW
genhw.zip Genesis Hardware information
sega-snd.zip Sega sound information and source
sega-asm.zip Sega assembler-disassembler
schemes.zip Chip schemes in gif form
hitachi.zip Hitachi Chip information in html form (Used in 32x and Saturn)


Motorola 68000 Information

68kpm.zip Motorola 68000 Programmers Reference Manual (650 pages!) in Acrobat format
68kref.zip 68000 reference text
68khtml.zip 68000 opcode info in html format
a68kdos.zip M680x0 Cross Assembler for MSDOS Systems


Z80 Information

z80inset.zip Detailed Z80 Instruction Set
z80inst.zip Z80 Opcode Listing
fastz80.lha Zilog Z80 CPU emulator package for the Motorola M68000 family
code8086.zip 8086 Instructions To Emulate Z80 OP Codes
z80.zip z80 command set and instruction set summary
z80bugs.zip z80 bug documentation
z80faqs.zip z80 faqs in html form
z80info.zip z80 info in html form
z80html.zip z80 information in html form


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