Emulation Camp
Awesome news site.
The first place i go for the latest Emulation news.

SNES Emulator Review
Good site, I recommend it to everyone.
The SNES Emu Review is the sister site to my site.

EMU News Service
This site has great up-to-the-minute EMU info.
Tons of info and updated every day.

Zophar's Domain
Nice place with info on many emulators and other features.
Check out the Genecyst savegame archive.

Tons of Emulation links.
Go here to find what you need.

Emulation Link Search engine with a database of
around 1500 links.

Emulation World
Nice page filled with utils, console info and news.

Focused Abstraction
Emulators, utilities, front ends, legal roms,screen shots, FAQs, Demos, and other various emulation related resources.

The Iron-ROM Hall
New ROM site with a new way of delivering ROMs.

A new Genesis Link site.
Updated daily and links are checked daily for accuracy.

Irby's Realm
Has nothing to do with emulation but he asked me to put it up anyways :)
His site dedicated to Metallica


If you have any questions, comments, links, or reviews, email me at genemucenter@mindless.com - Go HERE for more information.

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