July '97


- Well, I have moved to ZTNET's Web Server! No more AOL! ZTNET is the home of the SNES Emulator Review. I now have much more space to use, and it will be much easier to keep things straight!


-Well, I've updated about every page on the site with new versions of EMUs, new EMUs and new download links the following is a short list of updates...

-VPCE updated to .2

-GB '97 updated to build 2.937

-Nesticle Binary Updated to .34

-VGB-DOS updated to .88

-Handy updated to .4

-Metalynx updated to .0.4a

-Genecyst added and updated to .14

-SNES9X Dos .1 and Windows .1 both added to new SNES9X/97 page

-NLKsnes .1d added to new NLKsnes page

-SNEeSe preview 2 and info added to Chasing the Pack page.

-Many minor changes/updates as well, but I'm not done yet! More to come this evening.....


ROM Site Update Completed!!!

Here you go! The number of sites on my ROM site list has grown from 16 (11 of which were working) to a whopping 55!!! I know there are still alot more, so send me the URL of any site you find with SNES ROMs on it, and let me know of broken links.


My main focus over the last few days has been finding as many SNES ROM sites as possible to add to the SNES ROMs page. I feel that I owe this update to the developers of SNES9x who have put a link to my site on their homepage. Right now, the ROM links page only has 16 links, but that is about to change DRAMATICALLY. I have at the present time 40 new sites to add to the list. Yes 40!! This will make the links page by far the biggest I have seen on the net. It will be about twice as large as the current list at the Emulation Palace, which is another great resource. It makes me wonder why so many lamers have trouble finding ROMs when I can go out and in 2 days triple the number of ROM sites I've discovered, and gain another 100 ROMs in the process. Oh well. Anyway folks, it will be worth the wait, and the other sections will be updated soon afterwards (alot less work is involved)

I promised my pal Jim Pragit that I would update the utilities page to incluse GameMenu 1.61, which is the best frontend around IMHO. Well Jim, your wish is my command......

Utilities Page


Special Bulletin:

You've no doubt noticed that the site hasn't been updated in a LONG time, and I apologize, this is what should be happening soon (within a week or so from today 7/18)-

I have been keeping up with the EMU scene all along, and realize that alot has happened since June, such as SNES9X's release and GeneCyst's appearance, all of this will be added and a HUGE update can be expected. I am also planning on moving the site off of AOL (Thank God) and this will make it much easier to update (I currently an using 3 seperate AOL screen names to store binaries etc.) I had previously doubted whether I would continue with the site at all, but I have had a change of heart, and it will be continued. I have recieved numerous E-Mails about ROM sites and other issues, and these have all been saved, and will be included in the update.