And out of the darkness it came...

ZE' Front End

Yes! Here we are, providing you with peace, love, happiness and...nahh, we are just providing you with a cool looking functional front end you can have an easy time using.


Here's what you've ALL been waiting for!  (Well maybe...hehe)

Zefront End 1.0.31beta   is now released!  With support for .arj, .zip, and .rar archive formats.   Plust zsnes .600 - .700 suppoars, with .715 on the way.  Also, added is SNES9x support for .96 and 1.00 with 1.1x on the way.  Enjoy this!  If you have all the required libraries fro vb5 programs, download the update, and if you don't, get the full release.

They will be up SHORTLY.   We are squashing final bugs. :)

Ze' Front End Update (54k)

Ze' Front End Full Install (1.91Megs)


Send bug reports to subject "BUG Report". 

This is a BETA release, so expect some silly bugs, which will be immediatly squashed. 


Old Archives of Releases

"ZeFrontEnd is going to have a new release by the end of the week. Support for both Zsnes and SNES9X will be included. Zsnes support will go back several versions 625 - 400 and SNES9X support for now is going to be for 0.96 DOS. If everything pans out support for both emulators will be 2 releases for each."

PLEASE submit bug reports to   subject BUGREPORT.