May 3, 1998

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Archive support!  Works with .rar, .zip, and .arj.  You can have as many games as you want inside that archive as well..  and no restrictions on the NAME of the game or the name of the archive. :)  Hmm.. sounds pretty nice huh.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Lets see.. what else..  well, it's fully ZSNES .393 compliant.  All   commands have been implemented. 
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) All sorts of minor improvements... this should be a very worth the wait release.



As if March 7, 1998

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Working on Archive Support...  So far?  Well, we can extract your games from .arj, .zip, and .rar, and probably a few other formats.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) We are working on an interface.. directly within the FE window.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Hmm.. somthing to do with VESA... no more is to be known at this time...
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Umm.. let's see..  QuickRun buttons (Unlike QuickRom from other emu) will be compatible with all archive types.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Next.. well, have you ever heard of a FE that will grab a screen shot for you?   Neither have I!  But we will see one soon....
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Anything else you ask?  Of course!  But if I told you everything, you wouldn't be surprised when the next release came about!

e-mail if you want to see any other features included.. and also, PLEASE mail me, to tell me what you think of it.. I NEED FEEDBACK!


Download the latest version of Ze' Front End here.

Download the Executable and Configuration file here.  Overwrite this in the ZeFrontEnd directory, if you allready ran a full install of the previous version.

Update 25K 1.0.17

Full Install.. for   those who havn't had a chance to play with ZeFrontEnd yet! 

Full Install (1.99 megs) 1.0.17


Version 1.0.17 is out!  Many improvements were made!

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)Quickrun Buttons now read "empty" at start.  If no file is selected for the button, it becomes disabled.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)Added support for almost all new functions added to the config file in release .270.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)A small bug was squashed, when you tried to load a game after setting a quick run button.   It would bring up the selection screen twice for some strange reason.  Oh well, fixed now.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes)Fixed a BIG bug, where depending on the path you last selected a ROM in.. it wouldn't use your settings, as it would load ZSNES from a differant path, making ZSNES thing that the .cfg file wasn't there, therefore making the default one instead!  Now that works!

What to expect in future release?

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Support for at least .zip files, and hopefully .arj and .rar.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Reading in ROM size, Type, and Country and the rest of the stuff you don't care to know..<grin>
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Possible support for SNeSe?... This we've been toying around with...
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Keyboard settings will be enhanced, to act more like UZI.  I like that interface..but still can't figure it out..hehe.

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Individual rom settings.  If you like to tweak your settings based on a specific rom.


Version 1.0.13 is out!  Many improvements were made!

WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Fixed that bug "Error 53" at startup.  Should ask for path if it is invalid.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Added support for reading ROM headers.  To give you titles of the game.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Added Quick Button Support... so you can specify 8 of your favorite games for 1 button access!
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Now reads in all ZSNES.cfg options.. and will support the latest ones in the next release.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Quick Run Buttons now extract ROM title from the file, and display the name on the button.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Fixed up code, so it doesn't use VARIANT variables (16 bytes of mem!) And, converted many controls, to             control arrays, (less lines of code, as loops are used) and converted most arrays to dynamic, to save mem             in the      end.
WB01339_.gif (896 bytes) Lots of little things, that just make it work better!