Welcome everyone, to the SNES Emulator Review downloads area.  Currently we offer two selections in downloads.   Emulators, and other Common Files.  The choices are obvious.  If you have any suggestions on common files you want us to include, click here to send us mail.

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Emulator Downloads

As you can see, this page is slowly coming back into its own.  We will update this as new releases become available, as if time permits, make a new layout to include links to all of the downloads for all operating systems.  Until then, enjoy the latest SNeSe and SNEmul, and visit the homesites of the other emu's!

Emulator Name Emulator Author Home Page Download Site
ESNES .14 Lord ESNES Home Page  
SNES9x (WIN) .10 Jerremy Koot BACK!!!!  
SNES9x (DOS) .20 Gary BACK!!!!  
NLKSNES v.15D   Home Page  
SNeSe Release .16a Savoury Snax Home Page SNeSe(DOS) v.16a
SNEmul .82 v0x Home Page Snemul v.82
Home Page  

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Commonly Used Files

File Name File Size Purpose
Cwsdpmi.zip < 17K Used with many dos based emulators