March 30th, 1998

New version alert! SNES GUI is now v1.4 Beta! New shtuff in this version includes:

sssssAssptriates snap shjots with ROMs!
sssssScans ROM for full name of game! No more Mario Bros.!

SNES GUI has a new homepage location: http://members

March 18th, 1998

When you talk to one borg, you've talked to em' all....

New version alert! SNES GUI is now v1.3! New shtuff in this version includes:

sssssSupports zip files

March 16th, 1998

Simon Says: pat your head while rubbing your tummy and crossing your eyes while nibbling your big toe on your right foot and being the third person who Bill Clinton molests tonight while you sit and read this...Uncross your eyes dumbass! Whoops! Simon didn't saaaaaay!

U.Z.I is now up to bat in the review section! More to come soon!

March 14th, 1998

Fact: Most average people have an I.Q. over 30.
Fact: Most average people who have an I.Q. over 30 fail to use it regularly.

Welcome SNES GUI to the review. SNES GUI runs SNES 9x, ZSNES, and ESNES.
The SNES Front End Sanctuary can now boast we have the largest SNES Front End link page around! 25 Fronts and counting! Check it out!

March 11th, 1998

If two wrongs don't make a right, they at least constitute an ass beating...

Here is a public service announcement from Tyson Navarre (Snes Front End Review):

I would like to apologize for those of you who have tired to e-mail me for the last five days. The ZTNet server crashed as well as the mail server so if you tried to mail me after Thursday night your mail did not go through. The mail server and the ZTNet server itself is back up and running so I can now continue updating the page. Thanks for all of you who kept visiting the site over the last few days.

Welcome SNES 9x Front End to the review!
Welcome Midget in a Bikini to the review! Man, they really must be running low on ideas for names.

March 6th, 1998

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Front End...Especially mine...

Welcome SNES 9x Stuffer to the review...Sorry folks, there is no homepage for this little jewel...<sniff>
SNES 9x is back! I guess that means all you SNES 9x Front End authors ought to get cracking! Hup two three fo, hup...Suck in that gut!

March 3rd, 1998

We here at the SNES Front End Sanctuary don't have a sense of humor we are aware of...

the download for the latest version of =Star Launch= (version 1.9x) is now up in the downloads section!

March 2nd, 1998

Good things come to those who wait...Bad things come to those who fart in crowded elevators

New version alert! =Star Launch= v? I don't know...The files are not yet up...<sniff>

Welcome another Front to the review! Introducing ZSNES U.F.E. (Ultimate Front End)

March 1st, 1998

Here is a public service announcement from Nick DeClario author of X Front...

"The next release of X Front has been majority delayed.  I have been extremely busy the last few weeks with school and work.  Spring break is in another week so I should be able to get a good chunk of work done there, perhaps even finish it then.  If not, hopefully it will be done
before then end of the month, hopefully...

Welcome a new front end to the family! Introducing SNES GameCenter to the review!