Current Version 0.60
OS Windows

Eye Candy U.Z.I provides your typical windows 95 interface. I like the screen
preview in the upper right hand side. The use of the SNES controller
is really cool too.
Installation Windows 95 install and is fairly simple for all of you non-brainiacs.
Ease of use Using U.Z.I. is very simple once you set up all the options. The use of
the tab system really makes this front one of my favorites.
Bells n' Whistles Oh yea! Introducing QuickROM™ buttons! These cool little puppies
save all your information you used to play a particular ROM and
compact it into a little button at the bottom of the window. All your
Lazy ass has to do is click and you have your ROM with all the options
you had before! No more setting up ROM after ROM!
System Requirements Got Windows 95? Got a brain? Got a life? Never mind, life not
required. There is not much more you need...If you can run ZSNES
you can run U.Z.I.
Overall Rating:

I Liked this front for two main reasons: 1.) The use of the tab system
keeps all the options together in one window. And 2.) QuickROM™
buttons rock the house! Not having to reset my preferences between
games really makes the process of Emulating easier for me. On the
flip side, U.Z.I is not the spiffiest front I've ever seen but this Front is
like a trooper, it gets the job done and done well. Hats off to U.Z.I.
you deserve it...