January, 1998

January 26th, 1998

Here are a few more things for you to chew on...I love to say that!

Welcome =Star Launch= to the links section!
Completely redone download section! 14 Front Ends and counting!

Here is a little request from me: I need some advice from you the emulating public as to what catagories I should use to reivew the numorus front ends on this site...If you have any suggestions mail me at: tyson@ztnet.com

January 25th, 1998

Hope to be getting to the review section late this week...Also have a couple of new announcements...

Welcome UltiMenu to the Front end Links page!
Here is a public service announcement from Nick DeClario, author of X Front...

I am working on X Front 1.7 in my _spare_ time.  Since thereisn't much of that time it might be a while before I release it.Anyway, I will be adding a nice handy feature.  If you use X Front to load a ROM it saves the specifications for that ROM.  Now if you call the ROM from the command prompt (ie: x mworld.smc) it will load the ROM directly with your pre-set settings. :)  That should make things easier.  Also fixing yet another bug with the game genie codes.  Sorry bout' that one.


The ZE' Front Home page is now up and ready for you happy gamers!
Welcome ZE' Front to the links section!

January 23rd, 1998

I don't put my foot in my mouth very often, but I'm afraid I've discovered a brand new Front End! And mind you, you heard it here first. HA!

Introducing ZE' Front End! The latest addition to the SNES Front End family! The little announcment also came with a little public service announcment...

"This is the first public release of Ze' Front End, a ZSNES Front End written in Visual Basic 5.0  It may, and will have many bugs, as well as incomplete features.  Please send bug reports to snesemu@ztnet.com with the subject BUGREPORT.  The next release is allready in the works.. including easy keyboard input, and the rest of the ZSNES command line pramaters. 

Thank you...       

Ze' Front End Team

Note: There is no ZE' Front End home page yet, but when it comes up, you'll hear about it here first...

New Version Alert! U.Z.I v0.13 is out! New features include:

sssssEnabled .JPG screenshots
sssssRom directory quick selection
sssssMany glitch and bug fixes

January 19th, 1998

The news ticker just sems to be running a bit slower than usual lately, but here are a few interesting tidbits for you to chew on. Now chew slowly children...And with your mouth closed dammit! <smack>

Inspired by Rambo, Andreas Koslowski has had a change of heart...Dynamic ZSNES has become U.Z.I (Ultimate Zsnes Interface)
Still getting rumors bout' another new front end in the works ZE' Front is the supposed name of it...Could the French be trying to capitalize on the emulation world? Will Josie marry Bob after her love affair with Clint? Could it be possible Microsoft will release a bug free OS by the year 2000? Only time will tell.

January 13th, 1998

I have had little time to work on the review section due to problems getting the Fronts to work...I am trying my best to keep you updated as to what is going on..."

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Welcome Power Launcher X to the Links section! (Whenever I can get their page to load, Hint Hint...)
New Version Alert! Dynamic ZSNES v2.3 is out! Is he hot this month or what?

January 2nd, 1998

Happy new year to all! Here are a couple more interesting tidbits for you...

New Version Alert! Dynamic ZSNES v2.1 is out!
New Version Alert! Game Menu v3.1 is out!
Found out singin' show tunes for five hours straight taxes your sanity...