Interview with Trepalium: July 31, 1997

<zorkwiz> So you work on the DOS port of snes9x?

<Trepalium> A bit, yeah.

<zorkwiz> Any other ports, or DOS exclusively?

<Trepalium> Mostly just dos.

<zorkwiz> Has your job been basically to transfer Gary's Linux code into the DOS port? or do you help debug it as well?

<Trepalium> All I've currently done is optimize the x86 core a bit that was ultimately included in snes9x 0.10 and 0.12.... I also found a few graphical bugs, and optimized the APU skippers to be more inteligent.

<zorkwiz> Do you know any ASM?

<Trepalium> Now I do.

<zorkwiz> What was TrepSNES Programmed in?

<Trepalium> C

<zorkwiz> I've heard for a while now that you guys hope to translate the Graphics core into ASM. Do you know anything about that, and might you help out on that task?

<Trepalium> Paradox, makers of snesprof, are planning on doing that translation... I'm currently working on a nice little GUI system for snes9x/dos.

<zorkwiz> A GUI? Is it BloodLust-like? or what?

<Trepalium> Sorta like what Magic Engine has. Except with load game, etc.

<Trepalium> I have no intention of doing a bloodlust type gui. I find it gets in the way more than it helps.

<zorkwiz> Ah. So, if the Paradox Team does the ASM translation, how long will it take? Can we expect to see ASM graphics code and transparency effects any time soon?

<Trepalium> I dunno. We tend to work on compatibility and getting the routines perfect, rather than being over zealous and asm-ifying everything prematurely. It may mean that snes9x will be slower, but it should end up more compatible

<Trepalium> You can always optimize a routine after it's working 100%, but sometimes optimizing makes a routine less clear, and more difficult to fix if major problems arrise.

<zorkwiz> True. I guess it's alot easier to debug C than it is to debug machine Code

<zorkwiz> Does Jerremy plan on releasing a WIN95 port after each DOS release? Or is he still working to get snes97 features like the cheat finder into it?

<Trepalium> I don't know. He's busy with other projects at the moment...

<zorkwiz> Are you a college student Chad?

<Trepalium> I was until recently.

<zorkwiz> Where did you goto school?

<Trepalium> The University of Manitoba.

<Trepalium> But they have bad comp sci courses, so I dropped out.

<zorkwiz> So, besides wasting your life away on IRC like the rest of us, What do you do?

<Trepalium> Currently I have a summer job. After that I'm going to take either CNE or MCSE certification, and hopefully be able to get a job with it.

<zorkwiz> Forgive my stupidity, but what are those?

<Trepalium> Certified Novell Engineer, or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

<zorkwiz> So, Have either Jerremy, Gary or yourself expressed any feelings yet that you are sick of SNES emulators? Do you think the project will ever be finished, as in perfect emulation?

<Trepalium> Not yet. I hope it'll be finished. I have no intention of giving up.

<zorkwiz> Good, that's what I like to hear! :) Oh yeah! have you seen this rumored new ESNES?

<Trepalium> I saw one early version.

<zorkwiz> Is it going to "compete" with snes9x do you think, or is it farther behind?

<Trepalium> It's pretty good now from what I hear. It's extremely fast, and has sound that is at least competitive to what snes9x offers.

<Trepalium> The version I saw was fast, but the sound was erratic.

<zorkwiz> well, at least it HAD sound. On the topic of other EMU's. Do you know what happened to VSMC?

<Trepalium> I think it's pretty much dead... Although don't quote me on that. The_Brain's big error was being selfish with information, and not asking for help from others... So he didn't get nearly as far as he could've.

<zorkwiz> Yeah, I figured it was dead, he hasn't returned my mail for a long while now.

<zorkwiz> So, did you own a SNES? is it your favorite console? or do you just do this because it's a challenge?

<Trepalium> I have a SNES.... And about five games for it.

<Trepalium> In fact, I currently only own two console systems... A SNES and gameboy...

<zorkwiz> Hmm, good choices! Do you ever play games on snes9x, or are you too busy for that?

<Trepalium> All the time. heheh

<Trepalium> Except when I'm idling on IRC, or coding.

<zorkwiz> Cool, what kind of system do you have? one that makes it actually seem like a snes? :)

<Trepalium> I have a PPro 180....

<zorkwiz> Well, that's all of the questions that I have at the moment.

<zorkwiz> Hey, thanks alot Chad, I really appreciate it. If I think of anything else, I know where to find you! Thanks again, really.