March 1997


-SNES Emulation Hub is officially online!!!!!!!  Added a "Download" section to each page to make finding files easier. uploaded most of the EMU files to my vboats account. ( Added a counter.


-Finished the conversion to tables, added much more gameboy info, made some minor updates+fixes to the gamegear and genesis pages. Korn ruled!!! but I'm a bit bruised from moshing etc. Great show though, Helmet played too.


-Added tables in almost every page, before I had just fudged it, and found that in IE 3.01 some of the text was not lined up. I should have used tables in the first place. Minor compatibility rewrites/updates. I'm going to see Korn tonight, so I will continue with the page tomorrow.


-Added VSMC page, SPW page, SNES Professional page, VSWC page, updated ESNES compatibility list, updated personal page. I got into WPI today!!! That's 4 colleges I've gotten into (1 to go) (Check My Personal page)


-Well, I was too busy downloading SM3 files to work on the site. I'll have some time tomorrow though. Massage version .8 was released today, but there is no shareware version yet.


-Ummm, I got sucked into the Oscars on ABC, as did 1.2 Billion others.....It sucked, the English Patient won almost everything, I was not happy. Anyway, I wasn't able to work on the Page at all, sorry.


-Added SNES97 page w/compatibility list + screen shots, updated genesis page, added links to SNES Showdown, added GameBoy page, updated NES page. Added a link to my picture at the bottom of the front page.


-Added ESNES page w/compatibility list + Screen shots,  Added GameGear page, NES page, added emulation utilities link to front page, reworked mission statement, genesis page and main page.


-Continued adding pages to site: Other EMU Links page added, genesis emulation page added, Added some links to existing pages. Tested links.


-Started Work on SNES EMU HUB.: Created Main page, What's New page, SNES ROMs page.