Emulation Links:

Although I would hope that you can find everything you need at the SNES EMU Hub, I can't possibly have it all. The following Emulation sites are the ones which I find the most useful, and most often updated. I also would like to use this space to thank Typhoon Z, and Avatar Z, of Archaic Ruins and Node99 respectively, for introducing me to emulators (unknowingly) and for being such fine resources for me for the past 6 months or so. Visit their pages! You won't be disappointed.

EMU News Service

This new news only EMU resource was started by Jim Pragit, of JP Software (Author of GameMenu) on the 24th of April. It is CONSTANTLY updated, and is the best source out there for EMU news. It is a great site, don't miss it!

Node99 is the other great emulation resource. The best thing going for it is that it is updated more frequently than Archaic Ruins, but it isn't as extensive as AR, (because of space considerations). It is definitely a must see, and is a quite attractive, yet simple page. It is somewhat easier to navigate than AR as well. The brain behind Node99 is Avatar Z (Sean Whalen), who has been very good about returning my mail and answering questions. He also likes Korn, so he has to be all right!   

Archaic Ruins is "the biggest" Emulation site on the net, and Typhoon Z's creative headings and areas make it a very interesting site indeed. It was his "VSMC epic center" which inspired me to create this site, because I felt that I could create similar areas for each of the SNES emulators, and make each area as complete as the epic center is. (eventually)  The mentos pic on the main page, however, has to go. I don't know how many times I have seen Chris's ugly mug <G> holding those mentos and smiling at me. I think it's about time he removed it. :) Chris is a really nice guy, and you should definitely NOT miss his site.

This Site has a page of over 200 emulation links, which is very useful indeed, and if you have a site which concerns emulation, let him know and you can be added.