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SNES Screen Shot Archive
It's Here! Containing screen shots
from over 150 to start with!
SNES Discussion Pages
Having problems? Can't get your
favorite game to work? This is the place to go!
Emulator Chat
Emulator chat is now with EMUNEWS!
Talk about the latest happenings!.
SNES Developers Corner
Want to program a SNES Emulator?
This is the place for info!
A list of people, who have helped make
this site possible.
SNES News Center
Find the latest info on SNES Emulators,
including new releases, and developments.
SNES Translation Station
This contains the latest in SNES Rom

translation information.
"Sentinel" means "Watcher". In other words.. SNES Watcher. This will be a SNES newsletter.
This is where you can download all the
latest versions of the various SNES

SNES Front End Sanctuary
Cool Stuff on SNES Front Ends! Reviews, links,
and much much more!