ZFE 16

Current Version 1.0
OS Windows

Eye Candy Well, ZFE is sure functional, but as for being something to look at...
Installation Windows 95 install with all the normal trimmin's
Ease of use ZFE 16 is very easy to use for one big reason: All your options are
located in the same place for easy reference
Bells n' Whistles Two words here, Sidewinder support. I love having support built in
for my favorite game pad! The support is a tad choppy at times (e.g.
there seems to be a sort of automatic rapid fire thing whenever you
press a button, but it's bearable...)
System Requirements Got Windows 95? Got a brain? Got a life? Never mind, life not
required. There is not much more you need...If you can run ZSNES
you can run ZFE 16.
Overall Rating:

This front give you most of whatever you could want out of a front.
The Sidewinder support is always a plus...Could use Game Genie support
ZFE 16 is very functional and gives you only what you need. So its
for that reason I gave the four diamond rating.