x front

Current Version 1.7

Eye Candy For a DOS program, X Front looks very spiffy. I like the use of
ANSI graphics and the cool title screen
Installation Unfortunatly there really was not install program. You have to make
your own directory and unzip the files into it and you are ready to
Ease of use Whew, once you get past a few complications with making sure all
the necessary program files are in the X Front directory, you can
begin with your fun. The only thing that miffs me is that you have to

have SNES 9x and all your roms in the same directory as X Front.
this is one point which lets other Fronts excell because they give you
the option to simply choose or even browse to the direcotry in which
the files are located. Like I said, once you get past those things, X
Front is pretty easy to use.
Bells n' Whistles One thing I like about this front is the way it will save your ROM
settings so you can come back to them later. And X Front is small!
Only 40k!
System Requirements I think we all have DOS on our computers so I don't think X Front
would be very hard to run, so if you can run SNES 9x, you can run
X Front
Overall Rating:

X Front is s very simple front and I enjoy using it. It does have it's
little shortcomings, but thats what later versions are for! X Front's
cool features like saving ROM settings and it's small size help to
make up for the frustrating installation prosess. X Front is a good
front and I think is by far the best DOS front I haev yet to review.