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May 6th, 1998

Is that little itch up your nose getting worse?

New Front End Alert! Chalk up another Front End for Starfox, because SPCPlay is here for your emulating pleasure. SPCPlay is a front end for ZSNES and is also a music player! I can't wait to delve into this one!
New Front End Alert! Black Stallion is a new Front End for ZSNES, I have not been able to get much info. due to the fact Front's page is currently down. Stay tuned for more details...
New Component Alert! StarFox is at it again! Ever had a EMU which does not support Game Genie or Goldfinger codes? StarPatch is the answer to you dilemma

May 4th, 1998

Uh oh, get the hose Paw, its still moving...

Here is a public service announcement from Tyson Navarre of the SNES Front End Review...

"I'd like to apologize for the stasis of the page for the last two months. I've been taking a much needed break and I for a while I was thinking that noone really cared about what I was doing here, but again like so many other times the emulating world is full of suprises. I was warmed that even in my absence I still received e-mail from countless people who looked at the page, and more than five or six had new fronts to tell me about! Thanks again to all of those who mailed me in the last two months and I hope to provide you all with a informative service."

New Front Alert! Nitroholic will be officially part of the page! Welcome! Nitroholic is a front end which supports ZSNES

Any news not here?