The Front

Current Version 2.0
OS Windows

Eye Candy You want a front that gives you a pleasing picture for the eyes, you
downloaded the right Front! This front is by far one of the most
colorful and well textured fronts I've yet to use
Installation Windows 95 install and is fairly simple for all of you non-brainiacs
Ease of use To define ease of use is to describe this front. I've yet to see another
front which has combined such a great look with such a simple
Bells n' Whistles Not much here to talk about which stands out.
System Requirements Got Windows 95? Got a brain? Got a life? Never mind, life not
required. There is not much more you need...If you can run SNES 9x
you can run The Front.
Overall Rating:

I've looked at many fronts over the course of making and developing
this page and I have to say that The Front deserves it's 5 diamond rating
The combination of the look and ease of use make this front truly fit
the whole reason why fronts are even here in the first place. Congrats!