December, 1997

December 28th, 1997

Well well, back from a vacation...At least for a bit...Got some interesting news!

Existance of two new front ends The Front and ZFE!
X Front v 1.6 is out!
Started reviewing the front ends today. If anyone has any suggestions on what aspects I should review the front ends on, let me know.
There is a blue light special in isle 6!

December 12th, 1997

Yay! Some exciting things happened today!

First 100 hits today!

December 11th, 1997

Oh joy! It's finals time yet again and all the lil' students are stressed in thier heads...

Added a new link to Links section.

Do I smell another update? I think I do...

EMU Runner 97' v2.5 is out! Check out the Downloads section.

December 10th, 1997

Here is a public service announcement from Jim: (Author of Game Menu)

"I am currently working on Game Menu v3.2 and hope to have it ready for release in late December or early January.  - Jim"

Speaking of Game Menu...

Welcome Game Menu to the Downloads section!
Found out every version number to all Front Ends on the Review section!
Welcome EMU Runner 97' to the Downloads section!

December 9th, 1997

Got an early start. I made made a few helpful changes including:

Added the downloads to the Downloads section.
Figured out five beers is more than enough for Fido...Sorry boy.
Learned of the existence of Z Menu! They are now on my Links page...Welcome!

Here is a public service announcement from Nick DeClario: (Author of X Front)

"X Front 1.6 sucks.  Actually it doesn't work right and right now I am advising people to stick with X Front v1.5.  I have decided there will be another version to fix 1.6 cuz I really messed that one up, but I don't have time right now cuz of finals and term papers so I will get to it over Christmas Break.  So expect X Front v1.6a to come out soon after the new year."

December 8th, 1997 - Introducing SNES Front End Review

First operational day! We're alive! HAHAHAHA! We're alive...Hello?

First update today!
Solved murder of JFK (Seinfeld did it...I swear!)
Added a few new links to Links section.
Working on getting Front End Review section up.