So, you want to know how I judge the fronts do ya'? Here it goes...

I will rate the Front Ends overall on a scale.

Being not so good.
Being perfect in every way!

Here are the categories...

Eye Candy Just how good does the front look? The Eye Candy does not have any
bearing on how the front operates itself, it only makes it look more
appealing to the eye.
Installation Does the install program install everything where you want it or does it
even exist at all? Do you have to personally install the front by making
your own directory and unzipping the files to it?
Ease of use Front Ends are here in order to make the whole emulating experience
more hassle free for all. So, the ease of use is one of the most
important categories on the review. Make sense?
Bells n' Whistles Here will be all the features which make the front in question unique.
Things like Game Genie support would be mentioned in this section.
System Requirements Will your system be able to handle this front? This section will tell you
the minimum and optimal systems to run the fronts.